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Our Approaches
Reverse Translational Research

We are researching about...

1) The pathogenesis of peripheral neuropathy (sensory disturbance)

2) The neural circuits of insomnia

To search for mechanisms and novel therapeutic strategies.

Our methods are...

1) Behavioral analysis of various animal models of the disease

2) Creating a 3D culture of sensory nerves: organoids

3) Fluorescent identifications of various neurons using adeno-associated virus (AAV)

4) Real-time recording of neural activity using optogenetics




Ryosuke Ogido(Kyoto University)


Ayuho Iwanaka 

Yukina Ohue

Yusei Kobayashi

Mariko Shibatani

Miyu Senba

Akane Nakashima

Contact Us

Feel free to stop by!

Please contact us if you are interested in our research.

25-1 Shichibancho, Wakayama-shi,

Wakayama, 640-8156, Japan

 South Building 7th Floor, In Fukko Campus

Department of Medical Neuropharmacology

☎ 073-488-1843 (Office)

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